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The crucial first years

Each year 1 in 5 Australian women suffer from perinatal anxiety and depression. Up to 50% of these women are never identified and only 10% of women actively receive treatment. 1 in 10 new or expectant Aussie fathers also experience depression after the birth of a child. There is an urgent need for early intervention to reduce the immediate and long-term impact on not only women but on their children and families.

PIRI Home Page

PIRI’s commitment

PIRI is a not-for-profit research institute which conducts international research and develops rigorously evaluated early intervention programs that enhance perinatal mental health and improve early parent-infant relationships (0-2 years). PIRI’s 21-years of ground-breaking work has resulted in a suite of evidence-based programs that have and will continue to provide support to thousands of Australian mothers, fathers, children and their families.


Women treated with MumMoodBooster


Women have accessed MumSpace

MumMoodBooster and MumSpace

MumMoodBooster, our innovative world-first online postnatal depression treatment program (accessed via MumSpace), is reaching and supporting families right across Australia. We remain absolutely committed to working with families and health professionals to ensure better outcomes and a bright future.

This is PIRI’s Mission.

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Together, we can empower families to flourish and contribute to a healthier, happier future for generations to come.

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Interventions for Depression and Anxiety

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Quick access to PIRIs program brochures, fliers and tip sheets for parents and health professionals.

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Investing in the
Earliest Years (ROI)

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PIRI Home Page
PIRI Home Page

Support at a Challenging Time

We understand new and expectant parents often feel isolated, particularly in remote and regional communities. Here at PIRI we are continuing to offer digital and telehealth options via MumSpace and DadSpace to support families.

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Need Help?

The Parent-Infant Research Institute has more treatment options available for parents and families.

Find the right option for you.

PIRI Home Page

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