Dr Carol Newnham
Neuropsychologist & Researcher

Dr Newnham trained as a neuropsychologist and her main area of interest is optimising the development of premature babies. She was a leader in PIRI’s research projects on prematurity, bringing her extensive knowledge to a number of programs. The first involved helping mothers understand the unique behaviours and needs of their still-hospitalised infants. The second developed forums in which parents of premature babies are given a host of information about prematurity (workshops, 8-week therapeutic playgroups). In addition, Dr Newnham edits an innovative quarterly PIRI magazine, Premiepress, which aims to educate parents about the issues their premature baby (and themselves) may face and ways in which they can be proactive in helping their family. A premature-baby clinic, to which parents can bring their child for assessment or themselves for counselling is also co-ordinated by Dr Newnham.