Investing in the earliest years to build a brighter future

Ways to financially support our work

There are many ways you can get involved to enhance perinatal mental health and improve early parent-infant relationships (0-2 years). Spread the message, talk to friends and loved one, offer practical support to those close to you or financially support our efforts. By donating, you will be supporting the 90,000 Australian parents diagnosed with perinatal mental illness every year. 

A gift in your Will is a simple yet powerful way to make a difference and help build a brighter future.

By leaving a gift in your Will, you will be ensuring that vital parent-infant research, resulting in evidence-based support services and prevention programs can continue well into the future.

Each year 1 in 5 Australian women suffer from perinatal anxiety and depression. Up to 50% of these women are never identified and only 10% of women actively receive treatment. 1 in 10 new or expectant Aussie fathers also experience depression after the birth of a child. There is an urgent need for early intervention to reduce the immediate and long-term impact on not only women but on their children and families.

PIRI is committed to supporting all parents and their babies (prenatal to 2 years), including those with vulnerabilities, to have the best possible start to life by providing a Centre of Excellence whose activities are designed to improve parents’ emotional wellbeing and optimise infant development.

Anyone can leave a gift in their Will. Everyday Australians, like you, do this because they care about the future and want to make a difference for those affected by perinatal mental illness.

Leaving a Gift in your Will

The Parent-Infant Research Institute is very appreciative of those thoughtful individuals who are considering leaving a gift to help children, families, and researchers they may never meet. Whether you have yet to leave a bequest or have already included us in your Will we thank you for your exceptional generosity.

The Process Leaving a gift in your Will, also known as a bequest, is a relatively simple thing to do however there a few things you need to know first. A helpful checklist is below:

  • It is important to check with your solicitor that your Will is valid i.e. signed, dated, correctly witnessed and complies with the laws in your home state or territory.
  • If you have an existing Will and would like to include a bequest to support our work you can easily add in a codicil, essentially a note, expressing your wish. Please note any codicil needs to be signed, dated, and correctly witnessed so it’s a good idea to check with your solicitor that it is correct and therefore legal.
  • To ensure we receive your bequest it is essential to include our correct name and ABN: PARENT-INFANT RESEARCH INSTITUTE INC. (make sure to include the full stop after INC.) ABN 68 832 092 864.
  • If you have family and/or close friends, it’s a good idea to let them know that you are leaving a bequest to support research into perinatal mental illness and infant development. They will then know this is your express wish and will be more likely to support your charitable gift.

The Wording

Understandably you may wish to leave most of your estate to your family, with a certain amount specifically given to support PARENT-INFANT RESEARCH INSTITUTE INC. This is known as a residual bequest. Or you may prefer to leave shares and/or property as well as, or in place of, a monetary gift.

The following suggested wording covers a range of intentions:

“I give to ParentInfant Research Institute Inc. ABN 68832092864 (“PIRI”) the sum of $x for the purposes of supporting research and interventions to improve the emotional wellbeing of parents and to optimise infant development. Provided however, if by the time of my death, PIRI has ceased to exist or has become merged with some other not for profit organisation then this gift will not fail, and I direct my executor to pay such gift to such other not for profit organisation as my executor may determine will best satisfy the objects that I intend to benefit”.

A Surprise is Wonderful but Knowing is Better

By advising the PARENT-INFANT RESEARCH INSTITUTE INC. you have a left a bequest in your Will, we will be able to update you on our achievements and outcomes, invite you to special events and ensure you are appropriately acknowledged (or even kept anonymous if you prefer).

By making such an important gift you will play a big role in providing a brighter future for Australian parents, children, and their families. We also want to ensure you are recognised for your generosity so once your bequest is finalised, please call us on (03) 9496 4496 or send an email: with a subject line: Bequest.

Thank you for considering supporting PIRI’s work into the future.

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Investing in the earliest years to build a brighter future

Major Gifts – Philanthropy

By investing in the Parent-Infant Research Institute, you can help us deliver innovative new programs to tackle perinatal depression, anxiety and their consequences through research and translating research evidence to practice.  Join us in safeguarding the mental health of Australians for generations to come. 

Perinatal depression and anxiety are common and have devastating and costly consequences. Failure to detect and treat perinatal depression and anxiety incurs enormous social and economic costs. Overwhelmingly this is due to the impact of poor maternal mental health on the prospects of unborn children and young infants. Even relatively modest improvements in outcomes (10, 20 or 30% reduction) would be sufficient to justify the investment on value for money grounds. It has never been more crucial we invest in the earliest years to build a brighter future. 

The Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) is dedicated to tackling perinatal depression, anxiety and their consequences through research and translating research evidence to practice. We recognise that prevention and very early intervention, from pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period and early infancy, is the ultimate upstream point of service delivery and key to interrupting the intergenerational impact of mental health difficulties. PIRI’s 20-years of ground-breaking work has resulted in a suite of evidence-based programs that have and will continue to provide support to thousands of Australian mothers, fathers, children, and their families.  

If you are interested in making a major gift or would like to know more about our major gift program, please contact our philanthropy team on (03) 9496 4496 or