Supporting the mental health of new and expectant mums with our MumSpace Tip Sheets

Supporting the mental health of new and expectant mums with our MumSpace Tip Sheets

MumSpace is excited to be supporting the mental health of new and expectant mums

MumSpace is Australia’s new online resource for pregnant women, new mums and health professionals. It is designed to connect you quickly with the level of mental and emotional support you need: from helpful advice in your transition to parenthood to online treatment for perinatal depression and anxiety.

Whether becoming a parent for the first or fifth time, having a baby is a unique experience that can present moments of joy and many challenges. The adjustment to parenthood and its impact is often underestimated in our society and many parents feel overwhelmed and stressed both during the pregnancy and when caring for their baby. Whatever your journey, Mumspace is here to help.

For pregnant women and new mums, the resources available on MumSpace will help you determine the level of support that suits you best. MumSpace provides you with quick access to:

  • Tips on preparing for the transition to parenthood
  • Information about the causes and symptoms of perinatal depression
  • Self-assessment tools and support for the emotional health of new and expecting mums
  • Tips for dealing with anxiety and social isolation during pregnancy and after having a baby
  • Access to freeand effective online programs and apps developed for Australian mums
  • Tips for coping with Anxiety of COVID-19 during Pregnancy and Following Birth
  • Help to start feeling better through online treatment programs such as MumMoodBooster

In addition to online treatment programs, apps, and self-help advice, MumSpace has recently developed a series of online downloadable resources for families experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety. Our latest addition to these resources are that provide Support for mums and their partners. We are excited about these new tools that can be easily accessed and shared by mums, partners, families, and health professionals to be given to their clients.

The online resources and apps available through MumSpace are evidence-based and have been evaluated by the PDeC partners in research studies conducted here in Australia.

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MumSpace is brought to you by the Perinatal Depression e-Consortium (PDeC), led by the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) in partnership with Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia (PANDA), Monash University, Jean Hailes for Women’s Health and Queensland University of Technology.