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Refer to Clinical Services

Austin Health Perinatal Mental Health Clinic in Heidelberg

The Perinatal Mental Health Clinic (PMHC) at Austin Health provides a intake service and directs treatments to either our specialised public clinical psychology service or the Parent-Infant Research Institute’s Infant Clinic. Our joint clinics provide evidence based cutting edge intervention for a range of perinatal mental health difficulties and are a training centre for health professionals. Our clinicians specialise in adjustment difficulties experienced by parents during pregnancy and the first two years of their baby’s life.

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Who can attend the PMHC clinic?

Any parent or parent-to-be who:

  • Feels overwhelmed and unable to cope or is struggling to manage their moods (sad, depressed, anxious, panicky)
  • Is worried about their mental health or that their baby is not feeding well or growing as well as expected
  • Feels that their baby is difficult to comfort or has persistent sleep problems
  • Has a baby who had difficulties around separation or long and frequent temper tantrums
  • Finds their baby unusually quiet or disinterested in them
  • Has had a premature baby or one with developmental problems which place special emotional burdens on the parents.

Ways PMHC can help include:

  • Thorough assessment of the needs of each family member is undertaken before treatment. This time is used to learn about the current situation and discuss the most appropriate treatment options
  • Brief individual parent or parent/infant treatment. Sessions may focus on paternal/paternal mood, infant management, prematurity, parenting skills or preparation for the adjustment to the parenting role.
  • Special assessments of infant attachment, risk and development are undertaken for families or child protection agencies
  • Referral and priority access to other specialised treatment through PIRI’s Infant Clinic where research programs are offered free of charge often with small reimbursement for time spent completing questionnaires and Medicare funded private psychologists work. Click here for research programs currently recruiting

The clinic will assess mothers to ascertain whether they are best referred to an individual session or to one of our programs below:

  • The Getting Ahead of Post Natal Depression group focuses on CBT treatment for women, their partner and infants through:
  • Community HUGS playgroup, 10 sessions of therapeutic playgroup focusing on positive interaction and understanding between mother and infant.
  • Individual and group therapeutic dance sessions addressing bonding and attunement in families.
  • MumMoodBooster on CBT treatment for postnatal depression

Referrals and Fees

Referrals may be made by a health professional but self-referrals are also accepted. Some treatments are free of charge through our research programs. An assessment is required before beginning any program. This session focuses on discussing and choosing the best treatment option for you.

BUPA pays full benefits for all members who use the Infant Clinic.

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To find out more speak to one of our friendly staff on (03) 9496 4496 or email