PIRI’s Treatment Programs

A unique contribution to early intervention

PIRI provides a unique contribution to early intervention by combining basic research and clinical expertise to address depression and other difficulties facing parents and infants. PIRI is a leading body recognised internationally for its cutting-edge research into perinatal depression and anxiety and translating research to practice.

PIRI has steadily built on its vision to expand the reach of the suite of evaluated programs which are available at every step of a comprehensive stepped-care mental health model. The aim is to provide people with flexible access and move between different levels of evidence-based support as their needs change.

PIRI aims to act on the compelling evidence on the importance of investing in the early years of a child’s life. The links between what happens to children when they are young and their future wellbeing are strong. Improving an infant’s dysfunctional or stressful environment is now understood to have the potential to improve both brain and emotional development. By giving our children a better start, we all stand to benefit.

Investing in the earliest years to build a brighter future

Postnatal Period – Treatment of Depression & Anxiety

Antenatal Period – Preparation for Parenthood and Treatment Programs

Treatment Focused on Mother-Infant Interaction Difficulties

Digital Resources for Perinatal Depression and Anxiety

Research Trials Open for Recruitment