Overview of Programs & Services : Postnatal Depression, Prematurity & Infancy

Evidence-based Treatment Programs

The Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) is Victoria’s largest research centre for perinatal depression (conception to 2 years).

PIRI is a leader in developing and evaluating treatment programs to help parents make the transition to parenthood and to support the early parent-infant relationship.

PIRI’s Early Years programs are:

  1. Brief and cost-effective
  2. Have a strong research base
  3. Address parents’ mental health difficulties
  4. Draw from the best of other existing international programs )and target the essence of skill building in early parent-infant relationships adapted for Australian use)
  5. Are able to be delivered by a range of trained professionals, so can be integrated into primary care
  6. Empower parents by building parenting skills for the antenatal period to the first year
  7. We offer training to health professionals in some of our programs

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All programs have detailed manuals and have been evaluated as effective (or are in the process of evaluation). We are still recruiting for many of our latest programs. To make a referral or enquire about our programs and training, contact PIRI Infant Clinic: (03) 9496 4496; piri@austin.org.au.

Evidence-based Treatment Programs

Clinical Services

Specialised public health clinic

Infant Clinic (in association with the Perinatal Mental Health Clinic), Austin Health A Centre of Excellence providing clinical services to assist with the difficulties experienced by parents and infants in the first years of life. Click here for Perinatal Mental Health Clinic

Austin health

Private health fund support program

BUPA Parent & Baby Wellbeing Program

A support service for pregnant women or parents with new babies around Australia finding the transition to parenthood challenging. This service is fully covered as part of Bupa health insurance hospital membership cover. Telephone, email and face to face support can be organised through a network of PIRI providers.
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BUPA Parent & Baby Wellbeing Program