Overcoming Depression Treatment Program

Overcoming Depression

Overcoming Depression is an evidence-based brief 6 session treatment designed for health professionals working with women with mild to moderate postnatal depression.

The program uses counselling skills to help develop a therapeutic relationship, to explore and understand contributing issues and to support problem solving. Elements of cognitive behavioural therapy are also included to increase pleasant activities, challenging negative thinking and managing anxiety through relaxation. The Overcoming Depression Program includes one couples session to provide information and support to the partner.

It has been found to be very effective in reducing postnatal depression when delivered by either a trained Maternal Child Health Nurse or Psychologist as part of a randomised controlled trial looking at the efficacy of 3 models of care. All health professionals received some training from PIRI and then comparisons of GP routine care with GP and MCHN or GP and Psychologist delivering the Overcoming Depression Intervention over 6 weeks were made.

The manual and training to deliver this program is available on request.