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MindMum App

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Our Smartphone App when you need extra help with life’s ups and downs!

Being pregnant and having a baby are big life changes. As well as excitement and joy, it’s common to have mixed emotions: uncertainty, and even worry and sadness.

The MindMum App is designed to assist expectant and new mothers with the emotional challenges that this time of life often brings.

MindMum provides effective strategies to help you lift your mood, strengthen your relationships and feel supported and confident in becoming a mum.

This app is full of ideas to help you to feel your best when you are pregnant or have just had a baby. It may help you to

  • hold on to the good things
  • feel better when you are sad or worried
  • track your mood
  • calm yourself with meditation and relaxation
  • make action plans
  • plan enjoyable moments with your baby, your partner, friends, or by yourself

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