Launch of the Global Alliance Maternal Mental Health

Launch of the Global Alliance Maternal Mental Health

The Global Alliance Maternal Mental Health (GAMMH) was launched at the International Marcé Society Biennial Scientific Conference, Melbourne in September 2016. The GAMMH was led by Dr Alain Gregoire and introduced by Professor Jeannette Milgrom, then president of the Marcé Society which is a Founding Member of the alliance. The GAMMH is a coalition of international organisations committed to improving the mental health and well-being of women and their children in pregnancy and the first postnatal year, throughout the world. The primary aim is to raise awareness of these problems. Evidence from the UK indicates that an alliance of multiple organisations from various different sectors with an interest in this field can significantly accelerate the availability of mental health care. The successful UK campaign Maternal Mental Health-Everyone’s Business will be the template we will base the new organisation on. Alain Gregoire is the UK MMHA Chair and also a Consultant in Perinatal Psychiatry.

The new GAMMH will also develop links with relevant key initiatives such as the 1001 Critical Days Initiative (UK).

The next phase of GAMMH will be announced at the 2018 Marcé Society Conference in Bangalore. Professor Milgrom continues to sit on the inaugural committee.


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