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DadSpace provides support for the emotional health of dads who are expecting or have a new baby.

It may surprise you that men may also experience symptoms of depression when expecting a new baby or becoming a new parent. 1 in 10 expecting or new dads experience perinatal anxiety or depression in Australia.

Dads need to look after themselves too!

DadSpace is designed to connect you quickly with the level of support you need, from advice and support in the transition to parenthood, to effective online treatment programs for perinatal depression and anxiety. DadSpace provides information, strategies, tips, resources, and support specifically for dads who are expecting or have a new baby.

Development of the DadSpace website, to improve dad’s wellbeing, was informed by evidence-based research and ongoing consultation PIRI is conducting with Australian dads. DadSpace expands on PIRIs perinatal support programs which include MumMoodBooster, a free online treatment program for depressed perinatal women and  MumSpace, a website launched in 2017 offering emotional support to women to help them manage the challenges of perinatal depression and anxiety, in their own time and their own way. 

Visit the DadSpace website and find out more.