In order to assess partner relationship and partner’s adjustment to parenthood you might need to ask direct questions to assess partner functioning and the partner relationship

Ask the following questions to assess how the partner is coping:

    “How is your partner coping since the birth of your baby?”
    “How is your partner adjusting to parenthood?”

Check for marital relationship tension/support

    “How is your relationship with your partner?”
    “Are you getting the support you need?”

Check also for Domestic Violence

    “Do you feel safe with your current partner?”
    “Have you ever felt worried about your safety or that of your baby?”
    “Does your child witness arguing or raise voices in the home?”

Where appropriate provide information on additional specialised resources and support services
List of Additional Support Services for Couples and Partners

    • Family Violence Prevention and Support: 1 300 RESPECT (24-hour assistance)
    • Couples Counselling: Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277
    • Support for Dad’s mental health:

      o Mensline: Support for fathers: (1300 78 99 78)
      o PANDA for dads: (Ph: 1300 726 306)
      o SMS for Dads: (Ph:SMS4dads)