10 Tips for Tired New Parents

10 Tips for Tired New Parents

1. Take care of your sleep needs by napping when baby does.

2. If you have a partner, ask them to do night nappy changes. This way all you need to do is feed and then go back to sleep.

3. Save your energy by delegating tasks wherever possible.

4. Go easy on yourself! No one ever died from eating takeaway or sitting near a dusty coffee table! Be realistic and set simple goals. Many things can wait.

5. Consider a babysitting roster with other new mums, for instance you mind the two babies at the pool while they swim then you have a turn to swim and both mums have coffee at the end.

6. Don’t be a martyr! Time-out to do something you enjoy is very important!

7. Reduce extra demands. For instance, now isn’t the time to agree to have anybody extra stay over or to take on extra responsibilities at work.

8. Accept that all new parents feel fed up at some stage with their newborns. It’s normal. Things do improve!

9. Be flexible about timetables and schedules. Accept that you have little control over your time with a newborn. This reduces a lot of frustration.

10. All babies are different! Accept your baby for who they are and for their particular temperament.