Celebrating International Men’s Day

Celebrating International Men’s Day


19 November is International Men’s Day and PIRI are thrilled support our amazing dads.

One in 10 new or expectant Aussie fathers experience depression after the birth of a child.

The Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) recently launched DadSpace, a new website providing support for the emotional health of dads who are expecting or have a new baby.

More than 100 dads have accessed the site daily since it launched recently.

Becoming a dad can be an uplifting time but more commonly there is a fair amount of upheaval and challenges.

Many dads have spoken about the mix of feelings they have had as they plan for and take home their new baby on their journey to parenthood. Constant demand for adaptation can be draining on energy and resources and leave both mother and father exhausted and, in some cases, depressed and anxious. Men often experience feelings of anger, frustration, irritability, feel left out, rejected, trapped and regret,” PIRI’s DadBooster Project Manager, Andre Rodrigues, says.

DadSpace provides information, strategies, tips, resources and advice specifically for dads to help them prepare for their major life change and help the transition to fatherhood.

The team at PIRI is also working on a world-first specialised web-based treatment for depressed or anxious new fathers called DadBooster.

Designed for men experiencing depression after the birth of a child, it’s a six-session cognitive-behavioural therapy treatment program and allows men to work through their own issues and develop strategies for dealing with these.

PIRI is conducting a study with 50 dads to evaluate the effectiveness of the program for fathers with new babies.

Find out more about DadSpace and DadBooster at https://www.dadspace.com.au/