Celebrating Women and Supporting Perinatal Mental Health

Celebrating Women and Supporting Perinatal Mental Health

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we recognise the immense contributions women make to families and communities around the world. This year, we turn our focus to a crucial aspect of women’s well-being: perinatal mental health. Statistics reveal that 1 in 5 Australian women experience perinatal anxiety and depression, highlighting the urgent need to support women during this critical phase of their lives.

Many women navigating pregnancy and the first year after childbirth struggle with unaddressed mental health challenges. Often, these struggles go undiagnosed or untreated, leading to a ripple effect that can negatively impact not only the mothers themselves but also their children’s development and family dynamics.

Empowering Women Through Research and Support

At the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI), we recognise the profound impact of perinatal mental health on women and families. Through our research and evidence-based programs, we aim to empower women to manage their well-being effectively, build strong bonds with their infants, and create a nurturing environment for their families to thrive.

We’re particularly proud of the amazing researchers, mental health professionals, support workers, and community advocates who are making a significant difference in the lives of families facing perinatal mental health challenges.

PIRI’s Groundbreaking Work

Over the past 22 years, PIRI’s groundbreaking work has led to a suite of evidence-based programs that have already supported thousands of Australian mothers, fathers, children, and their families. Our innovative online program, MumMoodBooster, has reached and supported over 9,620 women in Australia. MumSpace, the platform delivering MumMoodBooster, has empowered over 200,500 women with access to resources and support.

Our Vision for the Future

PIRI’s mission is unwavering: to ensure better outcomes and brighter futures for families by expanding our portfolio of evaluated programs. We envision a comprehensive stepped-care model that provides support for parents at every stage of their journey.

We understand that every parent experiences challenges. While some benefit from information and resources, others require additional support through web-based programs or therapy. PIRI is committed to catering to these diverse needs, ensuring that no family is left behind.

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate the women leading the charge in perinatal mental health research and care. By providing critical support to mothers, fathers, and their families, we empower them to build stronger relationships and create a brighter future for generations to come.