Enhancing Perinatal Mental Health Care with the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal

Enhancing Perinatal Mental Health Care with the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal

Every expectant and new mother’s journey is unique, and the stressors and personal experiences leading to perinatal depression or anxiety will also vary. Perinatal anxiety and depression manifest differently in each individual. Often, effective recovery depends on your specific experiences, your symptoms and their intensity. However, one commonality among all parents facing perinatal anxiety and depression is that seeking support sooner rather than later is crucial for initiating the healing process.

Streamlining perinatal mental health care with the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal

The Perinatal Depression e-Consortium (PDeC), a Commonwealth-funded initiative spearheaded by the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI), proudly introduces the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal.

This innovative tool simplifies the referral and monitoring of patients enrolled in Mum2BMoodBooster, an evidence-based online treatment program specifically designed for mild to moderately severe antenatal depression and anxiety.

In addition to the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal, PDeC also offers a widely used Clinician Portal to support their postnatal depression and anxiety treatment program, MumMoodBooster.

Key features of the Clinician Portal

Seamless Referrals: Effortlessly refer expectant or new mothers experiencing perinatal depression or anxiety to the appropriate MumMoodBooster or Mum2BMoodBooster program.

Evidence-Based Treatment: Facilitate access to effective evidence-based online CBT programs for mild to moderately severe depression, either as stand-alone treatments or as adjunctive therapies.

Personalised Monitoring: Conveniently monitor your patients’ mood symptoms and progress throughout their treatment journeys, allowing you to tailor interventions as needed.

Risk Alert Notifications: Patients receive timely email alerts whenever they exhibit concerning symptoms, such as suicidal ideation or escalating depression, advising them to speak to a health professional or contact a telephone support service.

Flexible Engagement: Choose the level of involvement and monitoring that best suits your patient’s needs and preferences.

Enhance your understanding of MumMoodBooster and the Clinician Portal

Healthcare professionals can gain in-depth knowledge of the MumMoodBooster treatment programs and the Clinician Portal by accessing these comprehensive guides:

Enhancing Perinatal Mental Health Care with the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal

MumMoodBooster Program Guide

This detailed guide provides healthcare professionals and women with a thorough understanding of the MumMoodBooster and Mum2BMoodBooster programs, Australia’s leading evidence-based online CBT treatments for perinatal depression and anxiety. It delves into the programs’ structure, content, and benefits, empowering healthcare professionals to confidently recommend and support patients undergoing treatment.

Download here.

Enhancing Perinatal Mental Health Care with the Mum2BMoodBooster Clinician Portal

Clinician Portal Referral Guide

This comprehensive guide equips healthcare professionals with a thorough understanding of the Clinician Portals’ features and benefits, empowering them to effectively utilise the platform for patient referrals and monitoring. It includes step-by-step instructions on referring patients to the MumMoodBooster and Mum2BMoodBooster treatment programs, enabling seamless integration of these programs into clinical practice.

Download here.

By accessing these valuable guides, healthcare professionals can enhance their knowledge and skills in providing effective perinatal mental health care, ensuring that expectant and new mothers receive the support they need to thrive during this critical period.

Championing Perinatal Mental Wellness: Promoting MumMoodBooster Treatments and Clinician Portals

As a healthcare professional, you play a pivotal role in promoting perinatal mental health awareness and ensuring that expectant and new mothers have access to effective treatment options. The MumMoodBooster online treatments and Clinician Portals are valuable tools that can significantly enhance the availability of perinatal mental health care services. Here are a few impactful ways you can promote these resources among your colleagues and expand their reach:

  1. Integrate MumMoodBooster Referrals into Your Practice: Actively refer patients to Mum2BMoodBooster (antenatal) and MumMoodBooster (postnatal) via the Clinician Portals. This proactive approach can help identify individuals who may benefit from these evidence-based online CBT programs, enabling them to receive timely support and intervention.
  2. Share Knowledge Through Newsletters: Include informative articles about the MumMoodBooster programs and Clinician Portals in your general practice newsletter. This strategy can effectively disseminate information among colleagues and raise awareness about these valuable resources within your network.
  3. Engage in Discussions and Presentations: Initiate discussions about the MumMoodBooster programs and Clinician Portals at meetings and conferences. Sharing your knowledge and experiences with colleagues can foster a collaborative approach to perinatal mental health care and encourage wider adoption of these tools.
  4. Encourage Registration and Utilisation: Actively encourage healthcare professionals to register for the Mum2BMoodBooster and/or MumMoodBooster Clinician Portals. By expanding the network of registered users, we can collectively enhance the reach and impact of these perinatal mental health care resources.
  5. Promote Resource Guides: Promote the availability of the MumMoodBooster Program Guide and Clinician Portal Referral Guide. These comprehensive guides provide valuable insights into the programs’ benefits, features, and referral processes, empowering healthcare professionals to effectively utilize these resources in their clinical practice.

By embracing these proactive strategies, you can play a significant role in promoting the MumMoodBooster treatments and Clinician Portals, expanding access to effective perinatal mental health care services, and empowering expectant and new mothers to navigate this critical period with the support they need to thrive.

Additional Resources

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MumMoodBooster postnatal treatment: https://www.mumspace.com.au/online-treatments/

Clinician Portal: https://www.mumspace.com.au/clinician-portal/