DadSpace – A new website supporting dads in the transition to parenthood

DadSpace – A new website supporting dads in the transition to parenthood

As part of our commitment to building a brighter future, the Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) is excited to announce DadSpace, a new website dedicated to supporting fathers across Australia. DadSpace provides information, strategies, tips, resources, and support specifically for dads who are expecting or have a new baby. 

DadSpace also includes a call for dads who are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety to join our trial of our new dads online treatment program DadBooster, a world-first specialised online treatment based upon a cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) approach. 

DadBooster will address the gap in services for dads living with depression after the birth of a child, to assist in their recovery via an online interactive program. The launch of these programs is especially timely as new evidence emerges of increased COVID-related perinatal mental health challenges and much heavier reliance on online mental health support for new parents in Australia. 

Parenthood is a time of transition requiring both mothers and fathers to adapt to new roles, demands and responsibilities. Parents need to continue to make changes to their life to accommodate their own changing needs, those of their baby and partner. This constant demand for adaptation can be draining on energy and resources and in some cases can leave couples depressed and anxious. We also know that if one partner is depressed or anxious there is a greater chance that the other may be also. Early recognition and treatment can really make a difference to family functioning for yourself, your partner and baby. 

Research conducted using PIRI’s Towards Parenthood program shows that knowing what to expect and being prepared for these major life changes can help dads manage this transition.  

PIRI’s DadSpace website features the DadBooster program, which was informed by evidence-based research and ongoing consultation PIRI is conducting with Australian dads. DadBooster expands on PIRI’s perinatal depression treatment programs which include MumMoodBooster, a free online treatment program for depressed perinatal women and MumSpace, a website launched in 2017 offering emotional support to women. MumMoodBooster has helped over 6,000 women manage the challenges of perinatal depression and anxiety, in their own time and their own way. 

Visit the DadSpace website and learn more about DadBooster

DadSpace is evolving and currently contains these effective programs

Towards Parenthood: If you are preparing for the changes and challenges of a new baby, you will enjoy reading ‘Towards Parenthood‘. This book focuses on the main areas of change encountered by men and women as they make the transition into parenthood. Text and thought-provoking exercises prepare the reader for the emotional, social, and psychological changes that may arise as they become parents. The focus is on developing both coping skills and parenting skills. 

Baby Steps: For all new parents there are great online tools to help you manage the challenges of parenting. Baby Steps is a free online program that aims to enhance the wellbeing of new mums and dads. Baby Steps was written for people having their first baby, but can be used by anyone with a young baby who wants to learn more about caring for their baby or themselves. 

BUPA Parent and Baby Wellbeing Program: BUPA, in association with PIRI, have developed the Parent and Baby Wellbeing Program. This national program provides free psychological therapy sessions for expecting and new parents who are BUPA members, expecting a child or have a child less than two years of age.  

DadSpace and

DadSpace - A new website supporting dads in the transition to parenthood