PIRI – Investing in the Earliest Years to Build a brighter future

PIRI – Investing in the Earliest Years to Build a brighter future

Investing in the earliest years

The Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) is dedicated to tackling perinatal depression, anxiety and their consequences through research and translating research evidence to practice. We recognise that prevention and very early intervention, from pregnancy and throughout the postpartum period and early infancy, is the ultimate upstream point of service delivery and key to interrupting the intergenerational impact of mental health difficulties. PIRI’s 20-years of ground-breaking work has resulted in a suite of evidence-based programs that have and will continue to provide support to thousands of Australian mothers, children and their families.

Building a brighter future

Perinatal depression and anxiety are common and have devastating and costly consequences. Failure to detect and treat perinatal depression and anxiety incurs enormous social and economic costs. Overwhelmingly this is due to the impact of poor maternal mental health on the prospects of unborn children and young infants. Even relatively modest improvements in outcomes (10, 20 or 30% reduction) would be sufficient to justify the investment on value for money grounds.

It has never been more crucial we invest in the earliest years to build a brighter future.

Free-to-Access Online CBT Treatment

MumMoodBooster (MMB) is a highly effective online treatment for depressed perinatal women experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety for use in general practice. This evidence-based program is available free to all Australian women who have a new baby and are struggling to cope, feeling flat, sad or depressed.

MMB is based on best practice psychological treatment and is designed to deliver the benefits of face-to-face cognitive-behavioural treatment without women needing to leave their home.

$1 invested = $39 saved. Now that’s a brighter future

Preventing just 1/3 of the impact of perinatal mental illness through successful treatment with MumMoodBooster returns an enormous lifetime benefit to Australian parents, children and their families.

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