PIRI Programs Rolled Out Across Italy

PIRI Programs Rolled Out Across Italy

The Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) is recognised internationally, for its leading-edge research into perinatal depression and anxiety and translating research to practice. Evidence-based intervention programs, developed by the PIRI continue to be rolled out internationally.

Professor Milgrom was invited to speak on 4th of April 2022at the Regional Perinatal Mental Health Conference; Prevention, Diagnosis and Early Intervention for Postpartum Depression held in Italy – Catania. Watch her live presentation here.

She has had a long association with the Italian National Health Institute over the past 20 years and has delivered numerous workshops, seminars and invited Keynotes including in Rome, Florence, Padova and Grosseto.

Professor Milgrom was asked to describe the development of PIRI and what influenced her programs as well as her journey of collaborations in Italy.

Her Getting Ahead of Postnatal Depression program has been extensively rolled out in Italy across 16 centres and Italian research has replicated the effectiveness of this intervention.

The regional conference described results of numerous projects using PIRI’s treatment programs as well as screening approaches and mother-infant interventions.

The Regional Perinatal Mental Health Conference was centred around screening, psychosocial assessment and early intervention in perinatal depression and anxiety.

Perinatal mental health is complex. In these times, if we acknowledge that healing is a process and look at it through this lens, then we know it takes an interdisciplinary approach, training, and evidence-based interventions as well as warmth and empathy to enable the healing process to begin.

The event was an opportunity for all health professionals looking to broaden their skills and deepen their understanding of perinatal work.

PIRI provides a unique contribution to early intervention. For 21 years, PIRI has been combining basic research and clinical expertise to address anxiety, depression, difficulties facing parents and infants and helping to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly for those not easily able to access traditional care.

PIRI remains absolutely committed to working with families and health professionals to ensure better outcomes and to build a brighter future. The roll out across Italy demonstrates this commitment by extending the reach of PIRI’s evaluated programs.

To find out more about PIRI and its programs, visit www.piri.org.au