DadBooster Evaluation Study
DadBooster Evaluation Study

Welcome to the DadBooster Study

An online program designed to help new dads recover from depression.

Becoming a dad doesn’t happen overnight and doesn’t happen without its challenges. Some dads have more difficulties than others as they make the transition to parenthood. Many dads struggle and feel very overwhelmed, and about 10% become depressed. Dads have spoken to us about the mix of feelings they have had as they plan for and take home their new baby on their journey to parenthood.

The Parent-Infant Research Institute (PIRI) has been working with Aussie dads to design an online treatment program called DadBooster, a world-first program for dads who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. PIRI is conducting a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the DadBooster program and is looking for 50 dads to help out.

Our DadBooster study is open for recruitment.