Prepare for Parenthood with e-Towards Parenthood
Prepare for Parenthood with e-Towards Parenthood

Prepare for Your Baby’s Arrival with a FREE Online Program.

Get FREE access to the e-Towards Parenthood program and provide your feedback as part of a study which will help us improve the program for future parents.

This self-guided workbook equips you with practical strategies to prepare for the challenges of early parenthood such as sleep deprivation, managing emotions, teamwork with your partner, and confidently care for your baby. Learn how to:

  • Cope effectively with stress and inevitable changes as you welcome your new baby
  • Solve problems calmly and collaboratively
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence as a parent
  • Communicate assertively and build a strong relationship with your partner
  • Bond with your baby and understand their cues

Prepare for the joys and challenges of parenthood with e-Towards Parenthood, a free, online program developed by PIRI.

Ready for Parenthood? Join the Study

e-Towards parenthood is an online program designed for expectant parents to prepare you for the changes that come with having a new baby. As you know, this can be a challenging time. This interactive program uses humour, fun activities, cartoons and thought-provoking questions to help you prepare for the changes ahead.

e-Towards Parenthood aims to assist you to manage the complex demands of parenting and to strengthen your relationship with your partner and with your baby. The program provides skills in coping, problem solving, enhancing self-esteem, assertive communication, bonding with your baby and understanding your baby’s cues.

This program will support you to navigate the main areas of change encountered by new parents with practical skills to support your adjustment to parenthood.

It contains valuable information for first time parents, but it also has plenty to offer those who already have a child.

Our experience working with families has helped us to incorporate examples and practical advice that many parents have found really work.

Program content

The program is in a workbook format with 9 chapters to read and work through. We recommend you start with Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, called Towards Motherhood and Towards Fatherhood, whichever feels most relevant to your own role in your growing family. We recognise that not all couples are composed of a mother and a father and have written the two introductory chapters to highlight different perspectives on the parenting journey.

Subsequent chapters will be relevant to both parents, and we encourage you to work through the workbook with your partner (if you have one), particularly Chapter 5.

The final chapter, Chapter 9, was designed to be read after the birth of your baby. We recommend reading one chapter per week.

  • Chapter 1: Towards Motherhood
  • Chapter 2: Towards Fatherhood
  • Chapter 3: We’re expecting! Preparing for parenthood
  • Chapter 4: Caring for yourself is caring for your baby
  • Chapter 5: From lovers to parents: Managing relationship changes
  • Chapter 6: Keeping some balance in your life
  • Chapter 7: Healthy thinking, healthy self
  • Chapter 8: Caring for your newborn baby
  • Chapter 9: Welcome to ‘The Club’!

This study is looking at satisfaction with and usage of the e-Towards Parenthood program and its usefulness in supporting adjustment to the arrival of a new baby, as well as factors associated with partner involvement (where relevant).

You will have access to the 9 modules of the e-Towards Parenthood program, and you will receive regular SMS and/or email contact from the project team while working through the 9 modules to help you get the most out of the program content.

You will be asked to complete three 20-minute online surveys (one before beginning e-Towards Parenthood, one eight weeks into the program, and one 12-weeks following your expected due date).

You will receive a small reimbursement for your time spent completing the questionnaires ($25 at 8 weeks and $15 plus a hardcopy of the Towards Parenthood workbook at 12-weeks post-due date).

Help us shape the program to help more Australian families.

To participate, you must be:

  • Over 18 years of age
  • Able to read and speak English
  • Expecting a baby

You can participate at any stage of pregnancy; however, starting before 32 weeks is preferable to allow time to read through one module per week before your baby arrives.

Read more about the study, sign the participant consent form and register here.

Contact the friendly PIRI team:

Ethics Approval No: 2023-27864-48489-3