Translating Research to Policy and Practice

Ultimately, all of our efforts are aimed at integrating our research outputs into translational practice.

For example, Professor Milgrom was a Chief Investigator on a collaborative national research program funded by beyondblue (2002-06) which led to the Government’s commitment to universal screening for perinatal emotional health.

We have brought the MumMoodBooster and Mum2BMoodBooster programs into the public arena as freely accessible supports for all new Australian mothers.

We currently hold a NSW Department of Health Translational Research Grants Scheme grant to evaluate the real-world implementation of perinatal e-mental supports for isolated rural and regional women.

Through the NHMRC Partnership mechanisms we are funded to carry out a large effectiveness cluster trial that will see implementation of our e-screening and Clinical Decision Support System (PIRIMID) across an entire metropolitan Maternal & Child Health Service – a substantial translational effort in our local communities.

We lead the Perinatal Depression e-Consortium (PDeC) funded by the Federal Department of Health to deliver online perinatal depression treatment to Australian women through the MumSpace initiative.

This is a major achievement in Australian mental health research translation. Going forward we intend that all of our translational activities, will have their real-world effectiveness monitored via rigorous evaluation of their impact in practice.