Give the gift the makes a difference

Give the gift the makes a difference

Every child deserves a healthy start in life

Every year, over 100,000 Australian parents face the challenges of perinatal mental illness, a range of mental health conditions that can affect both mothers and fathers during pregnancy and the first year of a child’s life. These conditions can have a profound impact on parents’ emotional well-being, their ability to bond with their infants, and their overall family dynamics.

At the Parent-Infant Research Institute, we are dedicated to understanding, preventing, and treating perinatal mental illness, and to promoting strong early parent-infant relationships. Our work is driven by the belief that every child deserves a healthy start in life, and that supporting parents is essential to achieving this goal.

Your donation will make a direct impact on the lives of Australian families

Your generous support will help us:

  • Conduct groundbreaking research to improve our understanding of perinatal mental health and develop effective prevention and treatment strategies.
  • Provide essential resources and support services to parents experiencing perinatal mental illness, including counseling, education, and online treatment programs.
  • Promote evidence-based practices that strengthen early parent-infant relationships, fostering positive child development.

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a difference.

Together, we can create a world where every parent has the support they need to nurture healthy, loving relationships with their infants and build a brighter future for generations to come.

Give the gift the makes a difference

Donate today and invest in the future of perinatal mental health and early parent-infant relationships.

Shout-out to Oleg Sergeichik (unsplash) for this great pic.